South Fayette's award winning Food Service Department provides healthy and delicious lunch options throughout the school year. Click below to download the current menus.


        Middle School and High School Breakfast Menu 
 Middle and High School Breakfast Menu
  March 2015 

  April 2015 
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Peanut Free:  For grades K- 5th grade, our cafeteria has switched to WOW Butter in place of Peanut Butter.    WOW butter is delicious and peanut free.  Wow butter was chosen "the winner" from our taste test by students and adults.   WOW butter is a soy based protein.  It is Peanut Free - this helps to eliminate risks to students allergic to  peanuts.  
(Note:  Keep in mind that Parents can and may continue to send in Peanut & Jelly as a "packed meal" option for their child, however, our cafeteria is now offering WOW butter and Jelly as part of our reimbursable meal.  This helps to lessen the risks to students that may be allergic to peanuts) 
 Gluten Free Menu
           Gluten Free Menu
              (Gluten Menu is by special arrangement only -  please contact 724-693-3019 Tricia Wood to discuss special arrangements)    All request are due and must be submit to: attention Aimee Dernosek on the Friday prior to the start of the next week, so that arrangements can be properly made. 
NEW !!!!     Announcement to Parents:   Cafe Prepay has changed it's name to "myschoolbucks"...
Although Café prepay is now call "myschoolbucks", you will still need to register for a new student account.  You may begin registering for "myschoolbucks" today.  Same Great Service, Same Company - just new name.  If your student had money remaining from last school year - it will reflect in their balance for this school year.       For our "myschoolbucks" hot line help -  call  1855-832-5226  
Also to register for "myschoolbucks" 
Reminder to Parents:          
View your student's ON-LINE purchasing habits and balance.  All students should have a positive balance in their accounts at all times.    Please view our charging policies in the student handbook or located on this site. 
Call Ms. Judy Howcroft x227 for Middle School Assistance,   Ms. Aimee Dernosek x277 for High School Assistance,  Ms. Judy Kirkpatrick for Intermediate School x 323,  Ms. Deb Deep x339, or 334 Elementary Assistance

                                                    Lunch Prices for Regular Type-A Lunch & Premium Meals    
Elementary School
Regular Meal $2.00
Premium Meal:  $2.40  Gourmet Salad, Meatless Meals  
$2.55 - Fox's Pizza Premium Meals
Intermediate, Middle & High School
          Staff Meals
Regular Meal  $2.20
Premium Meals:  $2.50,  $2.65 
  Regular Meal: $2.95    Premium Meals: $3.25,  $3.45

      Take advantage of our complimentary service that allows parents to view their student's lunch balance, purchasing habits and deposits. 
Just a reminder that all students are required to have a "POSITIVE" balance in their accounts at all times.   Thank You