Food & Nutritional Services

  • High School Food court                                                                                   

     SUMMER FEEDING - Families can use any of the following methods to locate sites that serve free meals to children during the summer:

    *Call  211 
    *Call  1-866-3Hungry or 1-877-8Hambre
    *Text "MealPA" to 877877 during the summer months
    *Visit the website: 
    (The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 requires all School Food Authorities to inform families about the availability and location of free meals for students over the summer months through the Summer Food Service Programs.   Although we do not participate in the Summer Feeding Program at South Fayette, please feel free to contact the Summer Feeding programs by using the information list above). 
    CHIP -  Health Coverage for your Child
     To apply "ON LINE"  for the National School Lunch/Breakfast Meal Program,  visit  to fill out a lunch applicatoin
    or phone 412-221-4542 x277 to have an application sent to your home or see meal application below.   
    Free & Reduced Meal Packet and Information   (See below or phone 412-221-4542 x277)   Questions:  email 
    Meal Plan- Free & Reduced Application Packet  OR  Sign up ON -line  for quick service 
    Catering Request form:   Catering Request Form
    TOURS:  Parents:  Please review tours with your student so they know how to select a full meal. 
        Intermediate TOUR FOODCOURT      
       We encourge all parents to "print off the tour" and review the food court layout with your student.  Please encourage student to take all 
         components of the meal to create a well balanced full meal.   State Regulations do not permit schools to ring a "second meal".  All second items
         must be rung as ala carte.    All students were provided with a color brochure tour of their food court to take home to parents at the start of 
         School.   Please call  412-221-4542 x277 to request a color copy of the brochure to be sent home.    


    NOTE: All ending balances remaining from this past school year remain in your child's account to be used for this upcoming school year.   You may request a refund by phone 412-221-4542 x277 Ms. Aimee Dernosek   We usually check to see if there are siblings and transfer any remaining funds into the sibling accounts. 
     We offer Convenience!   "Myschoolbucks" is an on line credit card payment system .        
     Visit to enter in student information
    For support call the Myschoolbucks hot line: 
      1-855-832-5226    HOT LINE     
    Low Balance Alerts   Mobile App   Pay on the GO!   Simple & Secure

    The Heartland Corporations' "myschoolbucks" is an on line service that provides parents the ability to view their child’s participation, account balance and history in the comfort of their home/office at no cost. This site also allows credit card payments on-line that are directly deposited into your child’s cafeteria account over night. There will be a percentage base usage fee of 3.95% that will cover the cost of the transaction instead of the flat $2.50 per transaction. The fee is collected by Heartland at the time of the service. For more information: New Savings from Heartland

    Yes, your child's balance from the current year will still be on your child's account to start the next school year.  


  • South Fayette Cafeteria has achieved first place in the Allegheny County "Excellence in Food Safety and Sanitation award". South Fayette food services has received 354 Diamond awards three (3) first place awards from Allegheny County Food Advisory Board. Tricia Wood was selected by the Mid Atlantic Dairy as "Trendsetter of the Year" and Pennsylvania's  Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics' "Food Service Director of the Year" and SNAPa's Director of the Year.   In July, she was selected by UPMC as "Community Champion" for her commitment to promoting inclusion for the South Fayette Township community. 
    Sandwiches and fruit
    Judy Howcroft - MS Leader:
    Aimee Dernosek - HS Leader:

    Judy K - Intermediate Leader & Elementary School 

    Tricia Wood, MSLBE, BS, DTR, SNS, CSNC, CSCS, CWMS,  Director of Food Service & Nutritional Specialist
    COMPASS Liaison