• 2018-19




     Football: Adults $5.00  /  Students $4.00

     Basketball: Adults $4.00  /  Students $3.00

     Volleyball, Soccer,Swimming and Wrestling: Adults $3.00  /  Students $2.00


    Adults: Adults may purchase a specific sports pass from the Athletic Department located at the high school.  Mrs. Demnyan will sell passes from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (school hours).  Season ticket prices are as follows:

    Football                                                        $24.00                                      6 Home Events

    Girls Volleyball                                            $18.00                                       9 Home Events*

    Boys Soccer                                                 $18.00                                       9 Home Events

    Girls Soccer                                                 $16.00                                       8 Home Events

    Please be advised that junior varsity games or junior high wrestling matches that are a part of a doubleheader with a varsity contest will pay admission.

    *      Excludes volleyball tournaments on September 28 and October 12, 2019.


    Senior Citizens: Senior citizens from South Fayette must present their Gold Card to the ticket taker for free admission.  To apply for a Green Card, a senior citizen must be a resident of South Fayette and 62 years of age or older.  Gold Cards can be received from the Mrs. Tiffany Vetter who is located at the Administration Building from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday).

    Elementary/Intermediate:  Elementary students can purchase tickets the day of the event at their main office.

    Students (K-5): Ticket discount will be $2.00 discount off of football and basketball games.  Ticket discount will be $1.00 discount off for volleyball, wrestling and swimming.
    Middle School/High School Students (Preschool & 6-12):
    Middle school and high school students can purchase tickets the day of the game by two (2) options:  1) Middle school students can present their ID card to the main office and high school students present their ID card to the Athletic Office for your $2.00 discount towards football/basketball tickets and $1.00 discount towards volleyball, wrestling and swimming; and,  2) Present ID card to ticket seller at the night’s event.
    Athletes:        Athletes must present their complimentary sport pass to be admitted to home events free for that particular season.

    -       If purchase of sports passes is made by check, please make the check out to “South Fayette Athletic Fund”.

    -       All discounts and passes are applicable for regular season home games only and does not include WPIAL playoff games.

    -       Avoid waiting in line to buy tickets.  Purchase discount tickets or passes.

    -       If you have any questions, call the Athletic Department (Mrs. Demnyan) at (412) 221-4542 Ext. 8-240#.