• Boys and Girls Track

     Spring Varsity Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach:                              Scott Litwinovich       salitwinovich@southfayette.org
    Assistant Coach:                       Joe Winans
    Assistant Coach:                       Elizabeth Kline
    Assistant Coach:                       Anthony Mannarino
    Assistant Coach:                       Wes Chappel 
    Winter Varsity Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach:                              Scott Litwinovich
    Assistant Coach:                       Joe Winans
    7th/8th Grade Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach:                             Matt Timcheck
    Trainers:                                    Larissa Symington and Devin Kielur
    Athletic Director:                     Mark Keener
    Ahtletic Director's Assistant:   Mrs. Kathy Demnyan
    Varsity and 7th/8th Grade Season:  Spring
    Varsity Indoor Season: Winter
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    South Fayette Track Boosters