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Post-secondary Opportunities and Options

Post-secondary Opportunities and Options

South Fayette students should investigate, research, and choose the post-secondary option that best FITS THEIR career plans. Below is a list of post-secondary opportunities and options. Should you have questions about the information listed, please contact Emily Sharro at [email protected].


Find your Army Recruiter.

Learn more about becoming a Marine.

Find your Navy Recruiter.

Bachelors: A Bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting three to seven years (depending on institution and academic discipline).

Use the “SuperMatch” search tool in Naviance to find the school that fits you and your interests. After logging in, click on “Colleges” ? “Find your Fit” ? “SuperMatch”

Associates: An Associate’s degree is awarded by an academic institution upon completion of a course of study lasting two years.

Use the “SuperMatch” search tool in Naviance to find the school that fits you and your interests. After logging in, click on “Colleges” ? “Find your Fit” ? “SuperMatch”

The Community College of Allegheny College offers many Associate degree options for students.

Certificate Programs:

Pitt Swanson Engineering: Manufacturing Assistance Center Since 1994, the University of Pittsburgh’s Manufacturing Assistance Center (MAC) has connected thousands of people with meaningful careers in manufacturing. The MAC trains individuals and professionals in precision manufacturing, CNC programming and CAD/CAM technologies. As a resource of the Industrial Engineering Department of the Swanson School of Engineering, the MAC provides quality training opportunities in an atmosphere where innovation meets advanced technology. The MAC helps students master the technical skills that employers are seeking and has a job placement rate of over 95%.  

Duquesne Light Electrical Distribution Technology Certificate The EDT program teaches the skills and knowledge needed to apply for skilled craft positions in the electrical utility industry. This 1 year program includes college-level academic courses through CCAC combined with a practical application of safety concepts and established work practices. Upon graduation, students who excelled during the program and demonstrated the right skills and attitudes will be considered for employment with Duquesne Light.

Lifesaver Training EKG Technician Certificate Program Lifesaver Training Institutes EKG Technician certification class is comprehensive and prepares you to take the NHA National Certification exam to become a Certified EKG Technician(CET). Instructors will guide you as you learn a variety testing for the electrical activity of the heart. In addition, you will receive your AHA BLS for the Healthcare Provider CPR certification and AHA Bloodborne Pathogens certification.

Our EKG Technician Class provides the student with skills and training in order to succeed as a EKG Technician. This course consists of 48 hours of classroom time including lecture and hands on practice labs.

Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh Pre-License Classes Before taking your real estate license exam in Pennsylvania, you're currently required to complete 75 hours of pre-license education covered in two courses: 1) Real Estate Fundamentals (30 hours)  and 2) Real Estate Practice (45 hours). You will also need a high school diploma or equivalent. The REALTORS® Educational Institute offers two value-priced options with one being in-person and one being online.


Search for registered apprenticeships here.

Read more about apprenticeships and the Western PA Unions here.

  • Construction trades' apprenticeship training is exceptional and conducted in state-of-the-art training centers throughout the southwestern Pennsylvania region.
  • There is no tuition for our three- to five-year training programs – they are jointly funded by the 16 construction trade unions and their affiliated contractors.  
  • Classroom and on-the-job training follow federal and state guidelines.
  • Apprenticeship programs develop highly skilled craftsmen and women who can also earn college credits in many of the apprenticeship programs.
  • Apprentices are paid and, like journeymen and women, are provided with health insurance and retirement benefits.

Education and Career-Connected Opportunities

There are various ways for students to experience career-connected opportunities while in high school. Please see the list below. Should you have questions about the information provided, please contact Emily Sharro at [email protected] or 412-221-4542 ext. 254.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are experiences that add to, enrich, or deepen one’s exploration into a particular area of interest or study. These experiences can be anywhere from a day-long event to several weeks long.

Students can search local enrichment programs in Naviance.

After logging in students should click:

“Colleges” ? “Colleges Home” ? “Enrichment Programs”

(located on the right hand side under “Research College”)

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all enrichment programs. Students should assume responsibility for locating, researching, and applying to enrichment programs.

**If a student needs their Naviance login information, please email Dana Bloom at [email protected] or Emily Sharro at [email protected]

Dual Enrollment

By taking CCAC classes through one of the Dual Enrollment Programs while in high school, students can earn college credits that can be used toward a CCAC degree or as transfer credits for other colleges and universities upon completion of high school. The benefits for enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses include enabling students to:

  • Earn college credits that they can apply toward a college certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree
  • Experience college coursework while building study habits and career skills
  • Receive the same high-quality instruction from expert faculty as all College students
  • Choose from a variety of college courses, like English, communications, math, biology, philosophy, theater or other courses that may not generally be offered at their high school
  • Take advantage of the College’s student services, including: tutoring, student activities, use of the Math Cafes/Learning Commons and career services
  • Ease their transition from high school to college
  • Build a resume that will make their college and job applications more competitive
  • Reduce the total cost of a college education by taking courses at a reduced tuition

Dual enrollment is also offered through California University of Pennsylvania, as well as several other local colleges and universities.

*If you are interested in pursuing dual enrollment, please make an appointment with your counselor.

David Houseman (last names A-K) [email protected]

Julie Martin (last names L-Z) [email protected]

 Independent Study

The goal of the Independent Study program is to allow juniors and seniors to identify a specific area of interest that meets one of three individual goals:

  1. academic advancement
  2. career preparation or
  3. community service.

The Independent Study experience allows the self-motivated student to pursue an area of personal interest beyond the confines of the classroom. Students must apply for Independent Study status as part of the course selection process. Students will be interviewed by the Enrichment Coordinator and a contract for Independent Study will be mutually agreed upon. Students are advised that Independent Study requires strong personal initiative, long-range planning and the willingness to develop and present the results of their study. Before considering application for Independent Study, parents and guardians must consider the following:

  1. The School District will only consider a program if the student is able to meet all requirements for graduation as outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook.
  2. The master schedule may not be conducive to scheduling times needed to meet the needs of an independent study.
  3. Students must be able to demonstrate the educational significance of their participation in an independent study program.
  4. A student participating in the program will develop specific goals and objectives with their independent study supervisor, the principal, and guidance counselor. These will be approved prior to the student entering the independent study program.
  5. A written agreement will be made outlining the responsibilities of the student, parent and school. If the student fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities in relation to the independent study, he/she may not graduate.
  6. No transportation (if needed) for the independent study will be provided by the School District.
  7. The independent study supervisor must be willing to communicate and cooperate with all school officials.
  8. The application as well as the daily logs submitted must be completed in a professional manner, using proper writing techniques.
  9. After approval and completion of the independent study, the student must complete and submit a written report that addresses the goals and objectives that were established prior to the independent study approval. This report must demonstrate attainment of the goals and objectives and or valid reasons why they were not attained. The report must be in accordance with acceptable levels of writing for students at the eleventh and twelfth grade levels respectively. The report must be approved and accepted by the supervisor and school official.


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