• The district is currently in the process of switching email systems. Changes to the parent email lists will also occur. The email lists will be generated based on the email address you have on file. This email address was taken from the contact information you provided to the district at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. If your email has changed since the beginning of the school year, please email the building contact of your oldest child.

    Starting on June 8th, the district will begin testing the new parent email lists. You may receive test emails from the current email lists and the new lists. If you only receive emails from the current email list, please email the appropriate contact person:

    ES  Roberta Dantry      rjdantry@southfayette.org

    IS   Kendra Martinson   kjmartinson@southfayette.org

    MS  Harriet Dausch    hrdausch@southfayette.org

    HS   Jodi Holley     jmholley@southfayette.org