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Professionals and Experts Wanted!
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As our region’s Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School students explore different careers, we’re looking for individuals who are trained or working in a number of different fields and willing to be interviewed and share their expertise and experience. The interview would last 15-25 minutes and would be recorded over the summer. The purpose is to help students better understand your career and/or work as they explore these careers throughout the school year. It is important to know that these interviews would be shared with educators in the region to assist teachers in exploring the careers with their students.  

Ideally, the interview would be recorded at your work location. However, interviews can also be recorded on the South Fayette Township School District campus or virtually.

The fields/professions include: Police Officer, Doctor, Artist, Librarian, Baker, Farmer, Lifeguard, Veterinarian, Technical Writer, Registered Nurse, Air Traffic Controller, Banker, Firefighter, Entomologist, Musician, Fitness Trainer, Chef, Software Developer, Bee Keeper, Paleontologist, Comic Book Writer, Interior Designer, Landscaping Contractor, Teacher, Electrician, Surgeon, Journalist, Park Naturalist, Real Estate Agent, Computer Programmer, Forester, Chemist, Choreographer, Counseling Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Theme Park Engineer, Radiologist, Geologist, Graphic Designer, University Faculty Member, Cosmetologist, Team Assembler, Diesel Technician, Cyber Security, Sports Broadcaster, Interpreter, Travel Agent, Financial Analyst, Drone Operator, Forensic Scientist, Architect, Dietitian, Marketing Manager, and Lawyer.

If you have expertise in any of the careers listed above, please let us know by completing this online form. Also, please indicate whether you would also be willing to come to South Fayette to share your work experiences in person. Thank you!

If you have questions, please email [email protected].