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South Fayette Students Win National filmMAKER™ Challenge

Two teams of South Fayette students have won the national Digital Promise filmMaker Challenge  

We are proud to announce that TWO teams of South Fayette High School students have won the national Digital Promise filmMAKER™ Challenge!

Students from around the country were challenged to reinvent an everyday product and make it more sustainable, accessible, or beautiful.  Then they were asked to create a documentary about the product and proposed improvements.

A total of 69 student teams submitted entries and four entries were chosen as national winners, including two teams from South Fayette!

These teams will have the opportunity to present their film and designs at separate flagship Maker Faires in New York City and San Francisco.

One team focused on designing an app to make grocery shopping easier by enabling shoppers to quickly access information about products and instantly pay for their purchases with their smartphones.

Another group of students designed a pill dispenser that secures with a biometric lock and only dispenses the correct dosages. The goal was to prevent accidental overdoses.

 “Words cannot express how proud I am of my students,” says High School English Teacher James Hausman, who worked with both teams of students.

“We are so proud of the efforts of Mr. Hausman and his students.  This is a great example of how the humanities and STEAM projects complement each other to showcase innovation at work,” says Aaron Skrbin, South Fayette High School Principal.

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the challenge:

Michael Kugler, Josh Milteer, Chris Rodi, Matt Detar, Ashumi Rokadia, Suraj Bokil, Anish Thangavelu, Jay Abraham, Parth Sutariya, Kasey Smith, Tyler Sharp, and Gabriella Mariano.


We are very proud of your hard work!


For more details about the Digital Promise National filmMAKER™ Challenge AND WATCH OUR STUDENT VIDEOS, please visit: