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College in High School

College in the High School (CHS) programs provide college level academic courses to students currently enrolled in high schools who are also receiving high school credit.  This program provides students the chance to participate in college-level learning experiences before they leave high school.  Every college or university does not accept all transfer credits, so it is recommended that you contact the college or university of your choice and make sure they will accept the credits.  Students are NOT required to take the course for collegiate credit, unless they wish to do so.

The following are courses offered for CHS credit. Please note that each college or university requires their own registration and independent payment procedures. Please talk with each teacher of the course at South Fayette Township School District for more information.
College in High School Classes Offered by South Fayette Township School District 
Course  University Teacher
 AP Calculus AB University of Pittsburgh  Mrs. Maureen Sirc 
 AP Calculus BC University of Pittsburgh  Mrs. Maureen Sirc 
 AP European History University of Pittsburgh Mrs. Megan Hackworth 
 AP US and Comp Government University of Pittsburgh Dr. Felix Yerace
 Honors American Cultures University of Pittsburgh Dr. Felix Yearace
 Honors Calculus University of Piitsburgh Mrs. Carrie Palmer 
 Honors French IV  University of Pitsburgh  Mrs. Adreinne Endy
 Honors German IV University of Pittsburgh Mrs. Daniella Wiernik 
 Honors Management and Marketing Apps University of Pittsburgh Mr. Brandon Flannery
 Honors Multimedia lll Point Park University Mr. Matt Caprio
 Honors Spanish IV University of Pittsburgh Mrs. Melanie Clonan
 Honors Statistics and Probability University of Pittsburgh
 Mrs. Alycia Dorsey and
 Mr. Robert Reasey 
 Leadership Studies ll University of Pittsburgh Dr. Felix Yerace 
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