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Visual Arts

Visual Art K-5 
The South Fayette Elementary and Intermediate Schools’ Art Education Program has a curriculum that is sequential and develops a collaborative and interactive environment between each student’s creativity, self-expression, and an appreciation for the arts.  The Art Education Program provides a hands-on and student-centered learning experience that maximizes the opportunity for children to create art that is inspired by art history, and developed through art critiquing, incorporating a variety of mediums, the use of their senses and cross-curricular activities.  Art classes at the Elementary and Intermediate level foster critical and creative problem-solving skills, while working through the historical timeline of art styles and movements. 

Visual Art 6-8
The South Fayette Middle School Visual Arts Program can be described as hands-on,
collaborative, creative, student-centered, interdisciplinary, rigorous and it makes "thinking visible".
The middle school art student will create art encouraged by essential questions, big ideas, themes, and art history. Hands-on activities, such as drawing, painting and three-dimensional methods will introduce the student to new media. Students may listen to inspirational music while they use their imagination to create their art. Developmentally appropriate lessons in Color Theory, Value, Perspective, and Proportion will be taught.  The students will also participate in real-world “project-based” learning activities, utilizing the latest technology as a tool for developing their final product.
The visual arts program is ever evolving, and very supportive of the importance of the arts in education and in life as a whole. Dedicated to the idea that learning in the arts is an experience that’s a necessary part of the total education of middle school students, offering students many opportunities to explore their potential as the artists of today, and the artists of the future.
Visual Art 9-12
Time in the high school art room will be devoted to laying and applying a broad theoretical and informational skill base for each student and to acquaint the student with tools, safety, terminology, techniques, and methods. These classes provide students the opportunity to improve their artistic skills.  Courses are sequential, systematic, structural approaches to art skills and concepts. Young artists will enjoy, appreciate and have fun experiences learning in this environment and even the most “experienced artists” will be challenged to make very important choices with their art.  Creativity and imagination is the cornerstone for our young artists to thrive in preparation for post high school experiences. 

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