• The following are instructions for the clearances required for district volunteers.

    The following instructions are for the three (3) clearances, ACT 34, 114, 151, they must be dated within one (1) year of submission and the negative tuberculin test will need to be dated within three (3) months of submission-TB Test is only required if you will be with the students more than ten (10) hours a week. Please retain the original and submit only a copy of the clearance.

    Once you have obtained the necessary documents you may:

    ·         Mail or hand deliver to:

    South Fayette School District

    Attn: Victoria Adams

    3680 Old Oakdale Road

    McDonald, PA 15057

      Send via e-mail to vradams@southfayette.org

    ·         Fax to 724-693-2883 to the attention of Victoria Adams

    ·         Please attach a note stating that you are a volunteer along with your preferred contact number.

    If you have any questions, on obtaining the clearances or negative tuberculin test you may contact Victoria Adams at 724-693-3045 or via e-mail at vradams@southfayette.org


    An applicant MUST register prior to going to a fingerprinting site. Registration can be completed either on the online or by telephone.

    1. ACT 114 website is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week
    2. Telephone registration is available at 1-888-439-2486, Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm EST
    3. Please be sure to go through the Department of Education, you will receive a registration number that will begin with PAE (This is the number you will need to provide to me)
    4. Once you have registered online then pick a location to have your fingerprints electronically scanned
    5. The fee for the FBI clearance is $27.00 and can be made online with a credit card or by bringing a Money Order/Cashiers Check payable to “Cogent Systems” to the Fingerprinting site. No cash or personal checks will be accepted. You will also have the opportunity to receive an unofficial paper copy of the clearance for $2.50.
    6. We will accept the ACT 114 FBI Clearance through the Department of Human Services for volunteer purposes.



    An applicant has the option to apply for the clearance online or send the completed application form via mail.


    1.      Act 34 website

    2.      Complete the online application

    3.      Print the form


    1.      Complete the application form available on the website under the help tab

    2.      Make copy of the completed application form

    3.      Mail to the address on the form

    4.      You do not send any postage paid return envelopes




    ACT 151 website

    1.       Create a log in

    2.       Retain your log in information for future use

    3.       Print the clearance on you receive the e-mail copy

          MAIL OPTION

    1. Please contact Victoria Adams at 724-693-3045 to obtain a form

    2. Type or print clearly and neatly in ink Section I only

    3. Address must be applicant's current home address

    4. All information must be completed in full. (The form asks for all previous names, addresses, and household members since 1975). This information must be provided to the best of your knowledge and belief. If necessary, attach additional pages.

    5. Application must be signed

    6. Mail to the address on the form

    7. You do not send any postage paid return envelopes

    8. Please make copy of completed application form


    4-TUBERCULIN TEST (TB TEST)**Only required if you will be with students more than ten (10) hours per week

    1.      The negative tuberculin test results will need to be dated within three (3) months of submission

    2.      The District does not supply the form for the doctor to complete. The doctor will complete their own form.