2008 - 2009

In October, 2007, the Board of School Directors heard detailed presentation from every department/building in the District as they outlined their budgets for the following school year. At the November 20, Committee Meeting of the Board, the Administration presented a summary of expenditures and projected revenues, as well as a suggested means of balancing the budget. Click on the presentation below (11/20/07) to view the complete presentation.

To offer your ideas for reductions in expenditures or ways to generate additional revenue, please send an e-mail to budget@southfayette.org

Budget Presentations: Leading to Final Budget

Date PresentedDescription


Final: Revenue Detail

Final Expenditure Detail

6/24/08Budget Update for School Board
2/4/08Updated Budget Presentation to South Fayette Staff (Middle and High School)
1/22/08Budget Update for School Board

South Fayette MS Sports Added Back to District Budget

1/14/08Budget Presentation to South Fayette Staff (Elementary)
11/20/07Proposed Preliminary Budget

Timeline for Budget Approval:

Proposed Preliminary budget will be on display on website and in central office (PDE requires a minimum of 20 days)
Discussion of Proposed Preliminary Budget 
Board Adoption of Preliminary Budget (PDE deadline for adoption 1/23/08)
Feb-June, 2008
Discuss any changes, recommendations etc. to the Preliminary Budget
Deadline to pass Proposed Final Budget(Board Committee Meeting)
Discussion of Proposed Final Budget
Board Approval of Final 2008-2009 Budget

Budget Expenditures

2008-2009 Approved Budget

Millage Comparison
School District Millage 2008-2009

Min. Tax Rate17.71 (McKeesport)
Max. Tax Rate35.0 (Wilkinsburg)
South Fayette24.04 mills (ranked 12 among 42 Allegeny County Schools)
All meetings of the Board of School Directors take place in the High School Conference Center at 7 p.m. on the designated dates.

Questions related to the budget can be sent to George Safin via e-mail sent to gsafin@southfayette.org or via mail to 3680 Old Oakdale Road, McDonald, PA 15057