Dynamite Sports

Dynamite Sports Available to Athletes

Below are instructions on accessing the Dynamite Sports web-based education program for student-athletes, coaches, and counselors because of the sponsorship agreement between Rick Wire and PSADA:

  1. Visit the Dynamite Sports website
  2. Click on any one of the three GET STARTED buttons
  3. Login to the system by entering “Your School Name” then our state abbreviation “PA”.
  4. Then click on your school name and you’re in!
  5. Share this information with your students, coaches and parents and navigate the website
  6. PSADA will benefit financially from this sponsorship
  7. Also, Dynamite Sports recently launched their new NCAA Eligibility Calculator that includes up to 16 weighted courses.  They will even pre-load all your approved NCAA core courses into the calculator for you.  All you need to do is choose someone from your school to be the “Administrator” and have them contact Doug Mowen at dmowen@dynamitesports.com.  This program is also FREE to PSADA members.

This is a great opportunity to provide value for your student-athletes, coaches, and parents.