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Illness or Injury During the School Day

Disclaimer: COVID-19 is an evolving, complicated medical condition.  The health office routines and protocols have been adjusted for the 2020-2021 school year to accommodate new Allegheny Health Department Guidelines and CDC recommendations.  The district nurses may need to adapt to changes and updates in medical information, as released by medical experts.  The nurses will utilize the most current CDC guidelines and Allegheny Health Department recommendations.

All accidents or sudden illness should be reported to the school nurse or building office promptly. The appropriate care will be administered by the nurse or authorized school personnel. Parents will be notified as the case warrants.

Changes in the state of your child's health status should be reported to the nurse so that your child's health record can be kept current. This may include new medications, allergies, surgery, serious accidents, or any health condition that may affect your child's school performance. Information regarding your child's health history will only be shared with those school personnel who have a legitimate need to know.

In the middle and high school buildings, pupils must secure a note from their classroom teacher and then report to the nurse's office. If a student is ill at the close of a period, he/she should report to the next class to secure a pass to the nurse. The ill student will be permitted to rest in the health office for twenty minutes. If the illness does not improve, the student will be sent home after permission has been granted by a parent/guardian or designated emergency contact. No student may leave the building or go home due to illness unless excused by the nurse or building administrator.

We ask your cooperation in informing the school of any change in emergency phone numbers or home or business phone numbers. If you will be out of town and your child is in the care of someone else, please inform the school attendance officer.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse with any questions regarding your child's health. It is our goal to keep your child in an optimal state of health to maximize their learning potential and overall school experience.
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