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Justina Perrott M.Ed., N.C.C., N.C.S.C.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 412-221-4542 x 605
(students with last names A-G)

Taylor Hendal M.Ed., N.C.C., N.C.S.C  
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 412-221-4542 x 239 
(students with last names H-O)

Michael Perrott M.Ed., N.C.C., N.C.S.C.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 412-221-4542 x 219
(students with last names P-Z)

Tanner Jones MS. Ed., M.S.W., L.S.W.
Social Worker 
Phone: 412-221-4542 x 425

Sharon Aprea, Administrative Assistant
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 412-221-4542 x 258

Any student excuses, tardy notes, or early dismissal notifications should be sent to the student center at [email protected]


South Fayette Township School District offers support services, free of charge, to students and families so that we may provide the best environment for optimal education and learning. Our goal is that our school may work as a team, in conjunction with your family, to collaboratively make decisions that will support your son/daughter in achieving effective and desired goals.

As part of this process, South Fayette Middle School works with different support service providers, who in addition to the counselor, can meet with students to discuss different life events, provide advice, offer explanation to many of the challenges that middle school children face. Events such as the loss of a family member, the separation of parents, or numerous peer related issues are just a few of the events that some middle school children experience that present a barrier to their education.

Program Goals

The counseling program at South Fayette Middle School is designed to address the academic, social, emotional and personal needs of all middle level students.  A counselor is in the office daily, during school hours, and is available to meet with all students in the building. The counselor works to compliment classroom learning, by actively identify signs of at-risk student behavior and removing educational barriers that may prevent students from achieving at their optimal level. The counselor will assist students in areas such as recommending materials to improve study habits, helping students make curriculum selections, and offering aid in problems of adjustment such as listening to student issues and discussing relevant personal problems and concerns.

In addition, the counselors meet with academic core team teachers on a weekly basis to discuss student performance, peer relationships, and family related issues. The counselors are full partners with teachers, students, administrators, and parents in the South Fayette educational program and is part of the decision making process for all students.

The counselors are available throughout the year to meet with students and parents, both as individuals and as groups.

Parents are encouraged to contact the counselors, MIchael Perrott at [email protected] (M-Z) or 412-221-4542 x 219 or Justina Perrott at  [email protected] (A-L) or 412-221-4542 x 605 when issues arise with their student.
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